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Looking to find a place to volunteer? Interested in helping Grandma's Animals?


We here at Grandma's Animals enjoy spending our time making sure our furry friends have everything they need. From small animals who are too old or disabled to be adopted or to visitors who are boarding while their human families are on vacation, we make it a point to give each of them the greatest life they all deserve.  We need help with cage cleaning, feeding, prepping vegetables, filling pellets, hay and water, taking photos, public events, nail trimming and so much more.  We offer volunteer hours for students 9th grade and above, and we love volunteers who bring the whole family! Even young children can be small animal heroes!


Send a message below with the days and hours you would like to volunteer your time with us. We're looking forward to working with you!



Volunteers are welcome from 10 years old and up.  Kids and adults alike can be so helpful with small animal care.  We need help with cleaning cages, feeding veggies, photography, shipping, sewing, and we love enthusiastic helpers!  

Top Needs:

Photographer: approx 2 hours per week
to photograph rescue animals
Shipping Assistant: approx 2 hours pers
week to help ship out products
Online Website Help: Update photos
and information on website
Pet Maintenance: Cleaning cages,
refilling hay, pellets, water, feeding veggies

Success! Message received.

​​Even Young children can help the piggies
and participate in volunteering!


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